How to make a happiness elixir you can drink

In 1994, Dr. Masaru Emoto had the idea to freeze water and observe it under a microscope. At first he observed the crystals of tap water and water from rivers and lakes near big cities and he was unable to see any hexagonal crystal structures in the water. He then took water from pristine rivers free of development, and what appeared astonished Dr. Emoto when he saw beautiful crystals. His studies continued and he applied other observations like showing the water pictures, playing music and praying over it. He came to realize that water takes on the characteristics of Spiritual healer through resonance or vibration. If the vibration is destructive and angry, nothing can be created out of it, but when the vibration is positive it can create intricate beauty.

This study has even more impact for us since the human body is around 60% water with babies being born higher at 70%. Water is a big part of who we are. Taking this further we can better understand the impact of negative thoughts and emotions on us.

So let’s imagine taking a glass of water and writing down the word “happiness” on a small note. We then place the glass on the top of the note and leave it on our nightstand every night. The trick is to use only glass not plastic so that there is a reflection into the water. All night, the water is reflecting the word “happiness” and it is being programmed to take on the characteristics of the energy of happiness. When you wake up in the morning you then have a happiness elixir.

Here is what the intention of happiness looks like on water: Spiritual Author 



This is opposed to what water looks like with the words “You disgust me!”

Here are the crystals with different songs played:

Imagine by John Lennon 


Heavy Metal Song


With 7 Billion people in a world full of emotions I believe we have an individual responsibility to wake up in the morning with a positive vibration for ourselves and for our world. Shamanic Healer

Enjoy your personal elixir, and pass it around to those who need a dose of happiness.

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How to Take care of Muscle mass Pain

How to Handle Muscle mass Ache


Muscle mass ache can strike any individual nearly anyplace because almost your total human body features with the use of muscle tissues. This tends to make your whole body a prospective region the place soreness will commence and lead to pain, stopping you from turning into productive and useful. The good point is that there are a lot of simple techniques to combat muscle mass soreness. Right here are a couple of tips on how to deal with muscle soreness with Phoenix Chiropractor

Give that location a relaxation. Often, we experience muscle discomfort in the places that are stressed because of to overuse. For case in point, when you walk a good deal, you could encounter muscle mass soreness in your legs. Or when you lift large objects all working day, your arms get sore. In this situation, the pain is a indicator that you should give that portion of your physique a split.  Sometimes, merely resting the afflicted region is adequate to simplicity the ache.

Implement heat to the location. Heat can typically help restricted muscles loosen up. The following time you truly feel muscle mass soreness, and merely resting it is not undertaking the job, try out making use of a heat compress to the affected location or likely to Chandler Chiropractor The warmth will reduce rigidity in the muscles that will get rid of some of the anxiety that is causing the pain. Consider observe to use a heat or hot compress in moderation, as heating an area when it already feels scorching can trigger your mind to consider there is a threat and improve the degree of soreness. It is also crucial not to use chilly compress, as these are developed for slight ache aid in circumstance of accidents, so using them for basic muscle mass pains could actually make them worse.

Execute relaxing workout routines. Whilst demanding exercising and activity is usually the result in of muscle mass pain, there are loads of calming exercises that can aid ease the soreness. For instance, you can do yoga or tai-chi. Both are composed of easy actions that do not require challenging exercise. These can support shift the muscle tissues effectively so as to relieve discomfort. You can also attempt meditation, as this will aid minimize rigidity.

Just take medicine. In some cases, you do not have the liberty to relaxation or exercise, and a warm compress is not performing the trick. When this problem happens, try out getting a painkiller. These can usually be bought more than the counter at drug retailers, and they can be taken as required. These contain ibuprofen and mefenamic acid. It is crucial not to vacation resort to this also usually, as your entire body can develop a tolerance to them, creating them ineffective in the potential.

See a medical doctor. In the situation of long-term muscle mass basic, there can at times be no greater solution than to go to somebody who has credentials in studying the human physique. When all the house remedies and more than the counter medication are unsuccessful, go to a reliable medical professional like AZ Spine Disc and Sport to see if there could be a even bigger explanation for your muscle mass discomfort. A excellent doctor can advocate suitable medicine and advise a remedy plan, as nicely as diagnose the really root of the dilemma.